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Westside Animal Hospital

Wellness Care for Your Adult Pet

Wellness Care refers to the regular care your adult pet needs to stay healthy. Although your pet may appear normal, yearly checkups are critical to ensure that problems are found early — when treatment is more likely to be successful. 

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Wellness Visits

Besides the physical examination, the yearly wellness visit gives you a chance to speak with the doctor about concerns or questions that you may have. It is the perfect opportunity to discuss your pet’s overall health — especially if your pet is being treated for a medical condition. The doctor can bring you up to date on new treatments, tests, or products that may be of benefit to your pet.

The wellness visit is also a good time to:

  • Update any necessary vaccinations

  • Pick up heartworm preventative

  • Refill prescription medication

  • Perform routine laboratory tests (fecal parasite analysis or bloodwork)


Common Problems of Adult Pets

  • Obesity/overweight

  • Skin disease and allergies

  • Ear or eye disease

  • Endocrine disease

  • Tumors or lumps

  • Intestinal parasites

  • Dental disease